Zombies appear as a consistent threat in Resident Evil 6, only this time they are victims of a new biological agent called the C-virus, a viral weapon created by the terrorist organisation Neo-Umbrella. When released in gas form, the C-virus' effects on human beings are remarkably similar to the T-virus developed by Umbrella Inc., but the transformation from human to zombie is considerably faster - almost instantaneous - with minimal differentiation between victims' immune systems. The zombies themselves behave just as those infected by the T-virus, driven solely by hunger for living flesh. However, they retain more of their previous physical ability and motor skills, being capable of walking faster and pouncing upon prey.

Many C-virus zombies wield objects as weapons, such as bottles and clubs and actual weapons like guns, though they don't possess the coordination to properly aim or operate firearms. As with most other zombie types, their weak points are their heads. However, the C-virus triggers a number of mutations, creating several zombie sub-types.


There are three different mutations that stand apart from the majority of the zombie horde, much like the T-virus infectees might mutate into Crimson Heads or Lickers. The C-virus zombie mutations are listed below.