Zencrebe is an enhanced-muscle type Hyper-Zoanoid that appears in the Guyver manga and 2005 anime series. Developed by Cronos' USA branch after their takeover of the world, Zencrebe was created in response to a number of attacks made by the anti-Cronos group Zeus' Thunderbolt. Estimates of its strength measure at almost 50 times the strength of a normal human, placing its power in a range similar to Hyper-Zoanoids Zerbebuth and Derzerb. Despite its bulk, Zencrebe is actually quite agile and is capable of running at a top speed of 90 mph. In combat, it uses its many boney spikes to tear foes apart and it can easily charge through a line of armoured vehicles.

Zencrebe is one of few Hyper-Zoanoid models that are not restricted to a single specimen, though their numbers are still too few to class as mass-produced. This Zoanoid type first saw combat in Canada against Zeus' Thunderbolt troops that had raided a Zoanoid processing plant. Though powerful, the first Zencrebe was killed in a surprise attack by Agito Makishima - Guyver-III - who was presumed dead until that incident.