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Zebesians are a sub-group of Space Pirates that have appeared in multiple Metroid titles, most notably Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid. While they were initially encountered on the planet Zebes, they are not native to that world. The Pirates have been known to take the names of the planets they conquer and falsely make these names their own, breeding new soldiers on these conquered worlds with altered physiologies. Zebesians are distinguishable by their lean body types and the large crustacean pincers on their arms.

Capabilities Edit

Zebesians are cunning and insidious fighters. They use their large pincers in close-quarters and galvanic beam weapons at range. They have also demonstrated an ability to crawl on walls and ceilings, making it all the easier for them to get the drop on their enemies.

Variants Edit

  • Green - Standard Zebesian grunts that can be dispatched with relative ease.
  • Red - Can only be harmed with missiles and the Spazer Beam.
  • Pink - Can only be harmed by the Plasma Beam.
  • Yellow - Can only be harmed by the Screw Attack.
  • Silver - Rare variants that are immune to frontal assault and must be attacked from behind.
  • Gold - Similar to Silver variants and can only be attacked from behind, but are much more resiliant.
  • Black - Elite Zebesians that are both tough and agile. They can only be hurt by the Charge Beam.
  • Aqua - See Aqua Zebesian
  • Cyborg - See Cyborg Zebesian

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