ZALGO by SuperKusoKao

Zalgo is an Internet meme that started in 2004. It is about an entity known as Zalgo, which corrupts web comics so that they are dark, warped, twisted versions of themselves.


Zalgo is able to infect and corrupt web comics/cartoons/pictures. Zalgo is able to cause insanity in people using some unknown method.


Zalgo is said to have no shape nor eyes. In order to see, he must possess someone else. Zalgo wears armor "carved from the suffering of mothers". In Zalgo's right hand, he holds a dead star, and in his left hand, he holds a candle who's light is shadow. Zalgo has seven mouths, six that speak in deaf different tongues, and a seventh to sing the song. The song to end the Earth. I will sing the song, and it will go like this, serenade the end, with the beat that you all know, the heartbeat of the Earth, the song of the soul, Hold on closely to your heart, For it's the song's rythm. Everyone is the drum. Everyone is the song. He who waits behind the wall, in a palace of tortured glass, served by legions, forged from the tears of the sleepless dead. And clad in armor, carved from the suffering of mothers. In his right hand, he holds a dead star.'


His other name is The Nezperdian Hivemind. 

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