Z-Putties were a variation of the original Putty soldiers created by Lord Zedd and appeared regularly throughout the second season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. When Lord Zedd took over Rita Repulsa's Moon Palace, he replaced her Putty Patrol with his own. The Z-Putties largely resembled the originals, but had red eyes and wore armoured vests with a distinct Z-emblem on the front. While the Z-Putties were intended to be stronger and more lethal than Rita's batch, they actually proved to be somewhat inferior. For all of Zedd's boasting, the Z-Putties had an obvious weak spot: the Z-medallions on their chests were the source of their power. It did not take long for the Power Rangers to discover this weakness and exploit it and a single blow to the medallion would cause the Putties to crumble.

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