Yoshi is a friendly, sentient dinosaur and one of the heroes of the Super Mario video game series. He has helped Mario and Luigi on many of their adventures and has also starred in his own spin-off game series, joined by other members of his race in protecting their home of Yoshi's Island from the Koopa Troop.

Description Edit

Yoshi is a bipedal dinosaur with a bulbous head, particularly around the snout and cheeks. He has rubbery green skin with a white muzzle and belly, has three red spines on the back of his head and a little red shell on his back that serves as a saddle so that others can ride him. He also wears a pair of orange boots.

Personality Edit

Yoshi's personality is very similar to Mario's. He is kind, brave and always willing to help those in need. Deeply courageous, he has fought against enemies many times his size. He also seems to have a knack for rallying others as he does in his own games when he urges the other members of the Yoshi clan to help him defend their home.

Abilities Edit

Yoshi's abilities are universal among his race; anything he can do, others of his kind are capable of as well.

  • Eating - Yoshi can eat virtually anything. He commonly disposes of enemies by snatching them with his long, sticky tongue and swallowing them whole.
  • Eggs - Almost anything that Yoshi eats, Yoshi can convert into an egg and lay immediately after his food has been swallowed. He can use these eggs as weapons to defeat tougher enemies that he is unable to devour.
  • Flutter Jump - Yoshi can briefly hover in the air by rapidly moving his legs while jumping.
  • Ground Pound - Yoshi performs a drop attack in mid-air, plummeting to the ground like a stone to pound certain objects into the ground or to crush enemies.
  • Egg Roll - Yoshi encases himself in an egg shell and charges across terrain, bowling over all enemies in his path.

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