The Xixecal is a colossal abomination from Dungeons & Dragons. Described by those who know of it as a "living glacier", this mighty creature has a humanoid form made entirely out of ice and rock. It brings terrible winter wherever it treads.

Abilities Edit

  • Cold - The Xixecal inflicts a numbing cold upon whatever creature it touches and cannot be affected by cold-based attacks directed at it.
  • Breath Weapon - The Xixecal breathes a cone of cold with a range of 300 feet.
  • Summon - The Xixecal is capable of summoning white dragons.
  • Dire Winter - The Xixecal constantly generates icy storms around itself that never let up and cannot be dispelled. The only way to remove the dire winter is to slay the Xixecal.
  • Regeneration - The Xixecal can rapidly heal itself.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Fire - As a cold-based creature, the Xixecal is vulnerable to heat. It takes double damage from fire-based attacks.

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