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A Wyvern is a sea dragon and a type of dragon with no arms. In place of those arms are wings, sometimes with small claws or "fingers" at the tip or middle of them. This creature is often mistaken as a bad omen. It is actually very rare and is considered a good omen and very lucky. They are usually very high up on mountains and oceans, which is what makes them so rare.

Apperiance Edit

Wyverns are most likely myths or hoaxes but there are recorded sightings and in partial evidence in prehistoric dinosaur skelotons. There is a cavern in the north pole where a group of explorers found many dead men and at the end of the cave they found a Wyvern skeleton itself. As for prehistoric times, there was a scorched T-Rex skull with three claw indents sustained from above, suggesting evidence of dragons. The skull was found by some archeologists, and this goes suggest that Dragons and Wyverns might have truly existed. There are theories and alleged "pictures" you can find online.


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    Dragonlogy Wyvern

    Wyverns are one af the largest species of dragons 
  • Wyverns are often seen as signs of evil or pestilence in European folklore.
  • Wyverns are called Wiverns in different folklores.
  • Some cryptozoologists have interpreted that Wyverns may be surviving descendants of pterosaurs, which went extinct 65 million years ago.
  • Wyverns are often used on European coats of arms.
  • In Dragonology, Wyverns are gentle, clumsy African dragons who eat elephants.
  • Wyverns are among many mythological creatures featured in the roleplay game Dungeons & Dragons.
  • The wyvern was adopted as the symbol for the old English kingdon of Wessex. 
  • In Welsh mythology, wyverns are enraged, like bulls, by the colour red. One hero threw a red rag into a river to distract the dragon, which he then shot with an arrow. 
  • Just like all dragons, wyverns have 'pits' behind their legs and mouth, where the scales are thin and easily punctured. These are the most vulnerable points on the wyvern.

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