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Real wraith

A wraith

Wraiths are one of the most feared members of the Spirit Kingdom.


It belongs to the same family as the Haunter Genus (Ghosts, PhantomsShades, and Poltergeists) but is part of a seprate and larger genus (Death Omens).  They evolved from a cult of ghosts who worshiped the Grim Reaper.  He increased their power so that they would hunt souls for him.  

They naturally occupy a sperate plane of existance, but must take on physical form in order to interact with humans.  They appear in the form of faceless, hooded, black cloaked humanoids.  When the target human sees the Wraith, the Wraith takes control of that person's personal time line from the point of the encounter, until the bell strikes twelve. The Wraith then rigs your timeline with an upcoming death scenario.  If you are smart enough to survive this scenario, don't get off your guard.  The Wraith is still connected to your timeline, and will most likely have more planned for you.  

If your lucky enough to survive, the frustated and desperate Wraith will manifest itself and come after you.  Do not underestimate it.  They are stronger, faster, and smarter than you would believe, and their hands can phase through your flesh and rip out your soul.  At that point, you'll really only have two opptions: 1. Hole up somewhere they can't reach you.  But unless you hide in a nuclear war bunker with inpenitrible doors, you're probably going to have to go with the second option.  2. Fight back.  

There are 3 ways to defeat it. 1. Survive till the bell strikes twelve .  Once the bond is broken at 12 am, the Wraith will be instantly teleported into spirit worlds.  2. Use light/holy magic.  Holy symbols of religion, espescially the Abrahamic Religions, are deadly to Wraiths.  3. Cut its head off.  Even in physical form wraiths are virtually indistructable, but not their heads.

If your defeat your Wraith, you will immediatly develop an immunity to Wraiths.  Fortunately, this trait is also genetic.  It means that you can still see Wraiths, but they cannot kill you unless you provoke them.  And even if you do provoke them, they have no influence over your timelline and cannot feed on your soul even if they kill you.    

Wraiths are fueled by the souls they collect.  But their connection with the Grim Reaper means that the Wraith recieves only half the nourishment.  This is why they tend to hunt humans, whose souls posses more energy than any mortal life form.  Religious souls are more nourishing than non-religious souls, so theists are hunted more often.  Of course, this is one of the reasons why the Spirit Hunters (an alliance between the world's religions dedicaded to the elimination of dangerous spirits) was founded.  

The Wraiths share a collective life force.  They can use their combined metabolisms to generate more of themselves.  This is the more common of their two methods of reproduction, and is used for replenishing ranks.  The alternative is the recruitment of ghosts.  But this is very rare, as Wraiths consider ghosts inferior, and hunt them for sport.

Like their master,  Wraiths can also feed on the souls of the dead (Ghosts and Shades).  They cannot influence their timelines, but they can consume them on contact.  Also; since Ghosts and Shades have unaturally remained in the world, the Wraith can actually consume their souls, not just the soul's renewable energy.  However; Wraiths cannot feed on Phantoms and Poltergeists, who (while related to ghosts and shades) are not departed human souls (not that that stops Wraiths from killing them).  This is why ghosts welcome phantoms into their haunts and use them as guards.  Phantoms usually come in numbers big enough to make up for their inferiority to Wraiths, and have been known to kill them.  A poltergeist's ability to kill Wraiths remains theoreticall, however, due to the fact that they always flee from Wraiths. A Wraith is related to the Common Ghost in many ways: it makes a spooky moaning sound like the Common Ghost would, it can levitate, go invisible, use telekinesis, go very fast, and phase through any solid object.

Society and Culture

The misconception of Wraiths is that they are solitary monsters.  This is most likely due to their primary methods of hunting humans.  But they have societal connections.  Their basic hunting code requires that they hunt humans alone (with the exception of signifigant indivisuals).  Their society is built on a basic hierarchy.  Ordinary Wraiths answer to the Reapers.  Reapers are Wraiths that serve as lieutenants for the Grim Reaper.  Each Reaper commands a coven (a group of 13) of Wraiths.  Their are 13 covens at all times, giving the Wraith population a fixed number of 169.  All the covens answer directly to the Grim Reaper.  In the event of losses, they generate replacements.  They do not mourn their dead.  On the contrary; the Wraiths willingly had their emotions removed by their master, so as to make them stronger.  

Wraiths do not usually recruit ghosts.  Though related to them, the Wraiths regard ghosts with disdain, and hunt them for sport.  Since ghosts cannot leave their haunts, their only chance would be to defend themselves from Wraiths.  They cannot usually keep them from breaking in.  This is why haunters are always trying to increase their numbers.  Phantoms are the first thing a Wraith must get through when attacking a fully fledged haunt.  Phantoms defend the haunts, and will attempt to prevent the Wraith from entering.  However, phantoms have to outnumber Wraiths by a good margin to be able to defeat them.  If it gets past the phantoms and into the Haunt, the Wraiths will usually have to worry about the the shades, who use uncannily cooridinated attacks due to their telepathy and skill.  Shades are even better at defeating Wraiths then phantoms.  If it kills the shades, the Wraith will usually have easier time from that point on.  Ghosts, though powerful, are not as coordinated as shades, and are weakened by their fear of Wraiths.  And poltergiests?  They may be brave at times, but when Wraiths are involved.  They scatter and are hunted down one by one, unless the Wraith has better things to do.  A poltergeist's fear of Wraiths is so extreme, that it will even flee from the haunt (resulting in it's death) to escape it.

Wraiths use only scythes for weapons.  Covens tend to have only one member out hunting at a time  Their skill with scythes is great and terrible.  It is the only weapon they use, not that they need anything else..     

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