Witch 2

The Witch is a type of Special Infected that appears in Left 4 Dead 2. This creature appears as a slender young woman with chalk-white skin, dressed only in a tattered tank-top and shorts. The creature's fingers have elongated into wickedly sharp talons for tearing prey to shreds.

For the most part, Witches can be found separate from the rest of the horde, lying low in dark, isolated areas. Usually they will be found on their knees weeping and hiding their faces, but they will become active if approached by survivors. Approaching a Witch or shining a flashlight in her direction will cause her to react and snarl, so maintaining distance from her is advised. If one does not back away immediately, the Witch will let out a terrifying shriek and attack whoever provoked her with lightning speed, using her claws to savagely tear her victim apart. She will single out whoever alerted her and will not stop attacking until either she or her prey are killed. After killing her prey, the Witch will usually run off crying.

Killing a Witch is no easy task. Despite their frail appearance, Witches have a lot of health and endurance and it is very difficult to kill one before it finishes off its victim, but not impossible. They can be killed with a single shotgun blast to the head, provided that the shooter can get within point-blank range and fire before the Witch goes berserk.

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