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La Bruja En Las Paredes, The Witch in The Walls
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A Witch
is an immortal women who possess unholy Demonic abilities.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Superhuman Strength: Witches can overpower Humans and even The Darkness with just one hand to their throuts and teeth or hair.
  • They have the special sign called "Bigimortos Chali". Not much is known about bigimortos chali. But it is possible to find. Very very rare.
  • Superhuman Senses: Witches can smell the scent and presence of another witch on a human, if said human has been in the presence of or has have touched another Witch or the witch of another witch that knows or doesn't know about the other witch!
  • Healing Factor: Bullets are useless against Witches and anything is useless.
  • Shapeshifting: Witches can turn their tounges serpentine and morph their legs and lower body into giant octapus-like tentacles that can grow and seep into every crack and crevice in a house.
  • Magical Animation: Witches can create and control giant golems composed completelly of animated gravesandstones.
  • Telekinesis: Witches can levitate a Human of the ground with only their will. They are very very powerful when they are hungry.
  • In todays history there are many fat witches. Dues to many people belive they can do what only the best can do. Depressing people very much.
  • Life Force Consumtion: With a kiss, Witches can consume the dreams, memories, life force, past and new memories and emotions of Humans. They can also see their victim's past and future actions with this obvious power.
  • Factions, Witches are known to gather in small covens, almost like a military platoon, they also split into factions, like white witches, black witches, ect.
  • Good or evil? - Everybody has heard stories of evil witches, the church claims that they use black magic and are servents of the devil, but surely there are some good witches?


  • Holy Bell: A bell made from the molten communion chalice of the church in which a Witch was babtized; when rung in a Witches's presence, will kill her in the same momento like 123 and dead.
  • Life Force Overload: If a Witch consumes the life force of a cursed being (The Darkness) she will be overwhelmed with wretchedness as her thready and diluted life force bleeds away. She will live as a weird person or and die later of all this strange things in its body.
  • Once the person becomes witch they change gender. She never truly loves if its a she. If its a he he marries not.
  • Witches eat humans in many many stories. In reality it means cannibalism! Meaning eating another human! Therefore they are double as dangerous!

They are not as powerful as demons though and  they can only do harm to those who are blinded from darkness and those who believe that they is not such thing as evil.

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