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the sprite of the evil...thing

Weegee is an evil clone of luigi, he has the same powers as zalgo, its just that he's not able to speak...he is known to stalk people when they least expect it,the only notable things he says is "WEEGEE!" and "lotsa spaghetti!", however in some youtube movies he is known to actually SPEAK.

L is real

Mario finds out about a statue that reads "L is real 24/1". He thinks he needs to stand on the statue for 24 hours and 1 minute, afterwards mario is droven insane which leads luigi to knock him out, Mario has a dream about where weegee may be, weegee just merely says his name

The Weegee Invasion

its a Super Smash Bros. Brawl skit involving super luigi and fox, when weegee invades their dimension they venture to find weegee, only to find out he actually SPEAKS. weegee insists hes not evil and he just wants revenge on his king

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