Weedle is a dual-class Pokémon of the Bug/Poison type. This Pokémon is very common and can usually be found in forests and other heavily-planted areas.

Pokédex Data

Weedle is the larval form of Beedrill. In this state of evolution, it crawls around slowly on tiny feet and uses its keen sense of smell to find its favourite leaves. It eats its own weight in leaves every day.

Weedle's bright colouration serves as a warning to any would-be predators and any unwary creatures that do not heed such a warning usually find themselves on the business end of Weedle's large stinger. The cone-shaped barb on Weedle's head delivers a powerful poison.


As a larval Pokémon, Weedle has a sorely limited range of abilities.

  • Poison Sting - Weedle delivers a painful jab with the stinger on its head, potentially afflicting its enemy with poison.
  • String Shot - Weedle shoots strands of silk to tangle up enemies and slow them down.


Weedle evolves into Kakuna at Level 7. Like Caterpie, it forms its cocoon using its silk.