The Waster is a variety of Necromorph that appears in Dead Space 3. What truly sets these creatures apart from other Necromorphs is that they have not been mutated and reconfigured by the infection... or so it would appear.

Overview Edit

Wasters appear to wear whatever human clothing they wore prior to their death and infection. They retain their humanoid shapes and they attack living victims using tools and weapons that they used in life. For example, the humans that were exploring Tau Volantis carried ice picks, and so when they reanimated they would use the tools as instruments of murder. Wasters tend to move slowly and do not use ranged weaponry, so maintaining distance is the best policy for fighting them.

While Wasters usually retain a human form, that can change once they've been injured. If the upper body of a Waster is sufficiently damaged, it will break off and a set of three barbed tentacles will erupt from the lower body. The Waster will lash at prey with these new appendages and will not stop unless they are severed. Likewise, if the Waster's legs are severed, three tentacles will emerge from its abdomen. The tentacles will fire bony spikes at prey as the Waster uses its arms to crawl forward.

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