Ing super

The Warrior Ing is the basic Ing soldier encountered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. They appear as bulbous black creatures with several antennae atop their bodies and move about on five legs which each end in a razor-sharp tip. They have a single giant red eye filled with swirling red particles, making it look like a compound eye.

Warrior Ing can only be encountered on Dark Aether as they cannot retain their natural form in the light realm. When travelling to Light Aether, they transform into Black Fog and attempt to possess other creatures. In their home environment, Warrior Ing are ferocious opponents and will attack by slashing with their clawed forelegs and by curling up into a spiny ball to charge at prey. Another tactic of the Warrior Ing is its tendency to dissolve into amorphous dark matter to avoid attacks, then reform at a distance and snipe its prey by firing beams of trans-dimensional energy.

Warrior Ing are extremely vulnerable to pure light energy. They can be quickly destroyed by a charged shot from Samus' Light Beam or the Annihilator Beam. The Light Crystals planted on Dark Aether by the Luminoth can also be supercharged by the Annihilator Beam and the light aura they generate can actually attract Warrior Ing (as well as other Ing types) and then destroy them upon contact.

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