The wampa is a humanoid reptomammalian beast from the Star Wars universe. Native to the frigid planet Hoth, these creatures are recognisable by their thick white fur and the curved black horns on their heads. They stand at three meters tall and possess sharp claws on their extremities which they use both for killing prey and for digging through thick ice.

Wampas dwell in icy caverns which they carve out themselves with their claws They are solitary hunters, with a single wampa occupying a cave and hunting prey unaccompanied by other wampas. Carnivorous by nature, wampas seek out warm-blooded prey and hunt using stealth, their white fur allowing them to blend in with the snowy terrain of their home planet. A wampa will typically ambush prey by emerging from the snow and attacking from behind, knocking a victim unconscious and dragging it back to its lair where it will feed. If a wampa has a surplus of food, it will hang still-living victims from the ceiling of its lair.

Trivia Edit

  • The wampa was likely inspired by the cryptozoological beast referred to as the Yeti, said to reside in the Himalayas.

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