The Waldgeist are creatures from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.


Resembling whiplike dryads, the Neverborn known as Waldgeist appear to be made entirely from branches and roots. Capable of disguising themselves as part of their surroundings, these protectors of Malifaux's forests and woodlands are not as overtly hostile as others of their kind, although woe betide anyone who threatens their beloved home. Sharp claws and thrashing branches are usually enough to see off any trespassers, although persistent offenders will find themselves under attack from the very environment itself as the Waldgeist are able to bend the trees to their will, and in extreme cases are capable of calling the entire forest to uproot, either losing any interlopers in an ever-shifting mass of foliage or literally marching cross-country to evade the lumberjack's axe.


Although the Waldgeist, being Neverborn, can be found alongside virtually any master, they are found in their greatest numbers in the company of Zoraida, their natural affinity with Malifaux's flora making them obvious companions.

Powers and Abilities

Combat Proficiency

  • Waldgeist are excellent fighters, using the natural properties of their bodies to not only harm their attackers, but entangle them with their whipcord-like appendages.


  • Due to their unusual biology, Waldgeist are able to absorb a considerable amount of punishment before they are destroyed.

Environmental Control

  • As stated previously, Waldgeist possess the ability to command the trees of the forest, either utilising them as allies in an attack, or causing them to move away from any potential danger. In addition, they are able to call on the trees to germinate, creating more "friends" to aid them when necessary.