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Visorak are a species of spiders that served a Roodaka and Sidorack, servants of The Brotherhood of Makuta in the BIONICLE universe. There were six breeds of Visorak, all with different abilities and spinner abilities.


Visorak all have the same, spider-like bodies, similar pincers, and narrow eyes, but that's usually where the resemblance stops. They come in 6 different colors, white, red, blue, green, black, and brown, and all with different names, in the same order as the colors: Suukorak, Vohtarak, Boggarak, Keelerak, Oohnorak, and Roporak. There is also a seventh breed of Visorak, the Kahgarak, the largest and most powerful of the breeds, and also the only breed that comes in different sizes and colors. Their limbs and colors are justified by their natural environment, and example being the dark body of the Oohnorak, more adjusted to their snow-covered, icy environment. Also, their pincers are different, some being narrow, and some being serrated. The last difference is their spinners, all of which have different abilities.


The intelligence of a visorak is questionable, but they can understand Matoran, and take orders. They also use strategies when attacking prey, and will often lure foes into traps, by mimicking voices or sending their spinners when their foe is least aware.

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