Villamax is an honorable evil warrior and a villain from Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy.

After Trakeena fled from the Scorpion Stinger, she found her way to Planet Onyx. She got in a fight with some bar patrons that she got on the wrong side of and was easily beaten. However Villamax saved her and offered to give Trakeena warrior training, which worked, allowing her to get some payback. After the insect princess found out that her father, Scorpius, was dying and returned to the Scorpion Stinger, Villamax and his associate, Kegler, accompanied her and he became one of her generals. He helped her to battle the Power Rangers and on one occasion, introduced her to another honorable warrior known as Loyax, who was going to die soon and wanted one great battle before he met his end, which Trakeena said he would find in a fight against the Power Rangers. Villamax often conflicted with Deviot due to the fact that the two had opposite personalities. He was quite horrified when Trakeena fused with Deviot to become a destructive and merciless psychopath. During her final attack on Terra Venture, Villamax saved a little girl from falling rubble and she gave him a flower. Later when Trakeena ordered that he fire on the escape shuttles from the space colony, he refused to attack the defenseless shuttles. She attacked him, but Villamax refused to fight back and tried to reason with her, only for Trakeena to strike him down, crushing the flower. As he died, he told her, “You learned nothing.”  PersonalityVillamax is very honorable, an excellent example of this being when he captured most of the other rangers and the Magna Defender and offered to let them go in exchange for Leo surrendering himself. Leo agreed and much to everyone’s surprise, especially Deviot’s, Villamax kept up his end of the deal. Villamax also seems to care greatly for Trakeena, even love her, and was highly saddened by her shift to evil. He hates Deviot for his traitorous and ruthless personality and the two conflict constantly.

Villamax is a highly skilled warrior, primarily wielding a sword in combat. Villamax’s personality is similar to that of an unbrainwashed Ecliptor and his conflict with Deviot seems to mirror Ecliptor’s and Darkonda’s rivalry.While Villamax was honorable and wielded a sword, his Super Sentai counterpart, Gun General Sambash, was cold blooded and used a pistol. This was censored in the Power Rangers adaption which is why there is very little footage of him from the Super Sentai Seijuu Sentai Gingaman footage being used.

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