The Verdugo is a horrific humanoid B.O.W. that appears in Resident Evil 4. Created through a combination of human and insect gene splicing and Plaga infection, two of these creatures were seen during the events described in the Kennedy Report, serving as the bodyguards of Illuminados member, Ramon Salazar.


When first encountered by Leon S. Kennedy, the Verdugo wore robes adorned with the Illuminados insignia which hid their grotesque bodies from view. Their faces were partially visible beneath their hoods and they clearly weren't human, possessing glowing eyes and large mandibles. When one of the Verdugo pursued Leon into the sewer beneath Castle Salazar, Leon could see it in all its repulsive detail: segmented, chitinous limbs, two razor-sharp claws at the end of each arm, and a long, scorpion-like tail ending in a bladed tip.


The first Verdugo would attack by charging with its claws and by hiding on the ceiling or beneath the floor then striking with its claws and tail. Its armoured chitin could deflect small arms fire and was resistant to incendiary and frag grenades. However, Leon was able to defeat the Verdugo using canisters of liquid nitrogen located in the sewer tunnel. Exposure to the nitrogen caused the Verdugo's exoskeleton to become brittle, allowing Leon to damage it with his weapons. After taking so much damage while frozen, the Verdugo's body shattered.

The second Verdugo was fused with Ramon Salazar and the Queen Plaga when Leon confronted Salazar in the Illuminados tower.


  • Verdugo is derived from the Spanish word for "executioner".