640px-Vegetable lamb (Lee, 1887)

The Vegetable lamb of Tartary is a legendary zoophyte of Central Asia, once though to produce sheep as its fruit. The sheep were attached to the plant by an umbilical cord and grazed around the plant. When all accessible foliage was deminished, both the plant and sheep died.

Attributes Edit

The lamb is widely accepted to be both an animal and a living plant. However, some state the lamb to be the fruit of a plant, sprouting forward from melon-like seeds. Others, however, think the lamb to be a living member of the plant that, once separated from it, would perish. The vegetable lamb was believed to have blood, bones, and flesh like that of an ordinary lamb. It was affixed to the soil by a stem, similar to an umbilical cord, that propped the lamb up above ground. The cord could sink, allowing the lamb to graze. Once the plants within reach were consumed, the lamb died. It could be devoured, once dead, and its blood supposedly tasted identical to honey. It's wool was said to be used by the natives of its homeland to make cowls, hoods, and other articles of clothing. The only carnivorous animals attracted to the organism (other than humans) were wolves.

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