Vampire Elite DK2

Vampires are a type of undead creature acquired by the Keeper around halfway through each of the Dungeon Keeper games. These sinister minions do not enter the dungeon via portals, but rather they are created in the dungeon's graveyard. When five enemy corpses are buried in the graveyard, a new vampire will be born from the cursed earth to join the horde. In fact, if Hellhounds are present in the dungeon, they can urinate over the graves to make corpses decompose faster, aiding with the acquisition of new vampires.

Vampires can be complex, uppity creatures and are both difficult and expensive to maintain.

Abilities Edit

  • Flight - Vampires can traverse any terrain with ease.
  • Slow - A spell that can slow the movements of enemy creatures.
  • Teleport - Vampires can teleport to any Keeper-claimed area to escape attacking enemies.
  • Immortality - After training above Level 3, vampires become immortal. If slain in battle, it will come back to life in the graveyard a level lower than before.
  • Heal - Vampires can heal themselves and other allied creatures.
  • Drain - A crimson beam of magic that saps health from an enemy and rejuvenates the caster.
  • Raise Dead - A vampire can temporarily turn a humanoid corpse into a Skeleton and command it to attack other creatures. After its task is complete, the skeleton collapses into a pile of bones.

Likes Edit

  • Money - While most creatures are motivated by currency, vampires are exceptionally greedy. They are the most expensive creatures to maintain in Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2 and even a Level 1 vampire will demand 750 gold on payday.
  • Research - Vampires are quite scholarly and can be put to good use crafting new spells in the library. However, they also hate Warlocks, so giving them a separate library may be required.
  • Scavenging - With a Scavenger Room, vampires can make contact with creatures from other dungeons and tempt them into joining your ranks.

Dislikes Edit

  • Warlocks - Vampires and warlocks hate each other and will not share lair-space with one another. They aren't too keen on working in the same library, either.
  • Monks - Being unholy fiends, vampires don't take kindly to Monks trying to destroy them in the name of whatever gods they serve.
  • Temples - Vampires aren't fond of the dark gods either and shun dungeon temples.
  • Water - Vampires slowly lose health if forced to cross water.

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