Valtiel is a monster in the third installment of Silent Hill series, a governing angel in a religious cult of Silent Hill, known as "The Order".

During the game he constantly follows Heather Mason, the main protagonist, when the Otherworld occurs, but unlike other monsters she encounters, Valtiel remains passive and never attempts to attack her. The purpose of his following is to make sure that Heather stays safe, as she had to give birth to God. In case she is defeated, Valtiel comes and drags her body away to revive her. In most cases, Valtiel is seen turning a valve, which means both the cycle of rebirth and that Valtiel has control over shifting to the Otherworld. And although he doesn't appear anywhere outside the third Silent Hill game, the shifting to the Otherworld in other games of the series might suggest that Valtiel is always there, taking care of Holy Mother's safety.

His appearance is mostly humanoid, but his face barely has any features, being blank and leathery, with stitches instead of mouth, and his head twitches rapidly. On both shoulders the Seal of Metatron is visible. His hands, arms and clothing are smudged in blood, and he is dressed in a ceremonial robe, wearing gloves on his hands and black boots on his feet, thus sharing similarities with Pyramid Head from the second Silent Hill game.

During the game the player encounters Valtiel in the following locations:

  1. Shopping centre. When Heather enters the lift, the player can see him holding a monster. After the lift starts going down, Valtiel can be seen behind the rotating fan.
  2. Brookhaven hospital. While Heather is climbing up the ladder, Valtiel is seen in the background, rotating a valve. Right after that, if the player looks attentively at the scaffolding, Valtiel can be seen briefly, dragging a Nurse away.
  3. The chapel. First time Valtiel is seen crawling in the air vents, twitching his head. Then the player can see him molesting a Nurse and soon after that - rotating the valve beneath two pairs of hanging legs, which symbolize Alessa and Cheryl. After Claudia Wolf swallows the embryo, Valtiel yanks her into a large hole in the floor. And the last time Valtiel appears a few seconds before the final battle, watching over God.

Valtiel appears to be the direct servant of God, which makes him unique among other monsters. And unlike any other monstrosity in other Silent Hill games, including Pyramid Head, Valtiel is not tied to any human's emotions or subconscious. His existence is absolutely independent of humans, and this is the main thing that makes him special among all monsters of Silent Hill.