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  • TheSmoog78

    Fish Head

    June 1, 2017 by TheSmoog78

    Well, as my iPad and wikia have something against me having an avatar that I'd like, I've chosen my picture to be that of a goggle-eyed fish rather than a faceless blank. Truth be told, it's not that far from the reality. Thanks, Apple and Wikia.

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  • TheSmoog78

    So, I've been working really hard for the past few of hours on creating a page for categories and how I'd like to see them on MonsterWiki. Unfortunately, it's going to take me another day or two before it's ready to post, but hopefully it'll give us all a goal to work towards (when we're not busy adding decent content). In short it's a page that contains all of the current categories, and offers of discussion on how to use them or remove (some of) them.

    Hope this finds you all well,


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  • TheSmoog78

    Hi there folks, just thought I'd drop this on a blog to let people know what some of my ideas for MonsterWiki are.

    First off (and I know it's something that I keep going on about) is categories. Categories are, I feel, a key part of any wiki, and one that is really letting this one down. I would suggest that we put a blanket ban on creating new categories until I can get a handle on all of the duplicate, extraneous, irrelevant and just plain nonsense categories that are clogging the place up at the moment. Examples of this are "Worst movie monsters," "Villains," "Survivors," "Neutral Monsters," etc. Once that's done - and it might take a little while - we could then look at adding additional, more usable, categories. As a side note to thiā€¦

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