Have you ever seen a Cryptid? And if you have, what was it?

I have to say I have seen 3 cryptids.

Here they are:


  • Mothman- I was in my bed, trying to sleep and all of a sudden; I see 2, yellow eyes staring into my room! I was terrified! And yes, YELLOW eyes. Young Mothman?
  • Giant Bird- I was outside and I saw this, HUGE bird swoop overhead! It was black.
  • Giant Fish- I never actually saw this one, but I saw what it can do! I was on a rock, fishing , waiting for a bite. Then suddenly, I heard my cousin grunting and I saw him fighting a HUGE fish! It did not see the size, but his rod was bending nearly to breaking point! The line snapped and his bobber flew back 5 feet and hit a rock. I think it was a Pike, or a Muskie. Or was it a LAKE MONSTER?!?!?!?

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