aka Naturally Twisted / Naku Mun / Tsumi

  • I live in Planet Vegeta
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Drawing in general, Research, etc.
  • I am Classified, consider me both genders
  • NaturallyTwisted

    This guide will give you the typical knowledge of therianthropic beings including: Physical Statistics, Triggers, Habitats, Behaviors and tips on defensive measures

    I don't fully believe in the Werewolf as folklore presents it, however I myself have witnessed mental (and in more extreme cases) physical changes in these victims. I will also include the more well-known versions of werewolves as seen in movies such as Van Hellsing and 2010's The Wolfman.

    Many true victims of Therianthropy, or more specifically Werewolfism, are solitary and anxious people, they may refuse to bond with any other Humans, and carry compulsive traits like fleeing and locking every door they leave behind. While not very common, the Human forms will partake almost exc…

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