First Revolving Elevator

The Uroboros Laboratory was a genetic engineering facility located in the Kijuju region of western Africa in Resident Evil 5. It was here that the pharmaceutical company TRICELL and bioterrorist Albert Wesker created the Uroboros virus, a pathogen derived from the Progenitor virus that was to be used to essentially cull the Earth's human population, killing off all humans with inferior genes and enhancing the survivors with superhuman qualities. The laboratory complex was divided into five notable areas: the primary laboratory where Uroboros was tested, a missile production facility where the virus was loaded into missile shells, a security room, and two great elevator shafts with rotating lift platforms. The rotating elevators were surrounded by stasis pods containing test subjects who had been abducted from all over the world.

Following Wesker's death and the collapse of TRICELL, the Uroboros Laboratory was left abandoned.


The following creatures were encountered in the Uroboros Laboratory.