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Unicorn sketch

A sketch of a Unicorn


A photo with a Unicorn digitally rendered into the foreground.

A Unicorn is a horse-like creature with a horn on its forehead. They are well-known and popular within society. The unicorn has been known to pop up in many pieces of European mythology. Unicorns have a baded mane, and some may also have wings. This, however, leads them to be called a "Pegasus". It is thought that the horn and blood of a unicorn have many restorative properties, but to slay a unicorn, drink it's blood or remove it's horn, is to curse yourself, and if you do it for any lesser means, such as to mount on a wall, the whole country will be cursed to famine. The blood of a unicorn is said to be a silvery, viscous substance. If for some reason you wished to capture a unicorn, you would find it immensely difficult, as they are very fast and nimble creatures, who can easily out-run and out-endure even the best of horses due to the magical blood that runs through their veins. they can run at supersonic speeds. A Unicorn hair is extremely durable and virtually unbreakable The first Unicorn myth may stem from a misinterpretation of a Rhinoceros.

abada Edit

In the Kongo language, Abada refers to a mythical animal similar to a unicorn. The abada, however has two crooked horns as opposed to a unicorn's single one. The abada's horns can act as an antidote to poison. It has been described as being the size of a small donkey with the tail of a boar. It also goes by the name of Nillekma or Arase. It is said to be native to Kurdufan, a former province of central Sudan.


Greek mythology as "Unicorn".

Greek mythology as "Pegasus".

English mythology as "Unicorn".

Harry Potter as "Unicorn, Thestrals, and Hippogriff".

Merlin (popular TV series) as "Unicorn".

Unicorns was cute.!

The Unicorn was featured in Xian the Minimalist's Monster Biology series.

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