Umber hulks are large bipedal insectoid monsters from Dungeons & Dragons. These creatures stand at roughly 8 feet tall and have a gorilla-like posture, moving slowly and dragging their long arms across the ground. They reside underground and are commonly found within the Underdark, sometimes under the control of more intelligent beings such as illithids.

Many consider umber hulks to be merely savage brutes, but this is not the case. Though perhaps not as intelligent as humans, they communicate in Terran and are smart enough to set traps throughout their domain. They are adept at burrowing and tend to collapse their tunnels as quickly as they dig them, preventing other creatures from following them.

The most distinguishing features of the umber hulk are its long mandibles which roughly reach the length of a halfling. The umber hulk's scissor-like mandibles are capable of rending most prey in two with ease and they are known to feed primarily on ankhegs, young purple worms and even humans.

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