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A mass-produced T-103 Tyrant

Tyrants are mass-produced B.O.W.'s developed by the Umbrella Corporation. They are created using human test subjects which are injected with the T-virus and surgically augmented to produce the perfect super-soldier. Apparently only one in every ten million humans has the potential to become a Tyrant after T-infection, the rest become zombies. Viable T-virus hosts gain increased strength, size and speed. They also experience secondary mutation which leads to the development of large claws on their arms, as well as facial deformities. When Tyrants over-exert themselves in battle, they can experience further mutations which can make them even more powerful, but more difficult to control. To combat this, Umbrella installed Limiter devices that kept the Tyrants' powers in check. These devices could be attached to the protective coats that some Tyrants wear or be implanted directly into the body.

Experimental Tyrant ModelsEdit

These Tyrants are prototype models that have not been mass-produced. They are products of early tests with the T-virus or one-of-a-kind variants created under unique circumstances.


The original Tyrant prototype that served as a basis for all succeeding models. This Proto-Tyrant was deemed a failure due to surgical complications that left its spinal cord partially exposed and its nervous system impaired, resulting in primitive behaviour and random twitching.
It also suffered from an exposed vascular organ, making it vulnerable to small arms fire. It appeared in Resident Evil Zero and in The Umbrella Chronicles, attacking S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers as she explored the outer areas of Umbrella's research complex beneath Raccoon City. Rebecca was able to defeat the creature, but it regenerated its injuries and continued to stalk her through the Raccoon City Water Treatment Plant. There, it battled Rebecca and former military prisoner Billy Coen, who appeared to have killed the beast. Rebecca and Billy escaped, but the Tyrant regenerated again and made its way back to the Marshaling Yard above the Raccoon laboratory, where it confronted Albert Wesker, who finally killed it.


RE Tyrant
The T-002 appears in the first Resident Evil game and its 2002 remake. Considered to be the first "true" Tyrant, the T-002 was produced in Umbrella's Arklay Mansion facility prior to the T-virus outbreak. Umbrella ordered their operative Albert Wesker to lure his S.T.A.R.S. team into the mansion to gather combat data on the bio-weapons within the facility, though he was instructed to destroy the Tyrant. Wesker, intending to abandon Umbrella and use the test data for his own purposes, cornered his subordinates Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield and released the T-002 from its stasis tank. Wesker could not control the creature, however, and was impaled upon its claw and left for dead. The Tyrant then attacked Chris and Jill, who managed to put it down with heavy weapons before fleeing from the laboratory. But the Tyrant was not finished yet; the T-virus regenerated its wounds and its Power Limiter had been disabled prior to its release. It pursued the S.T.A.R.S. and caught up to them at the mansion's helipad as they were about to escape. Without its Limiter, the T-002 mutated, becoming stronger and faster. Normal weapons ceased to have any effect and it was only when the S.T.A.R.S. chopper pilot dropped a rocket launcher on to the helipad that they were able to defeat it. Chris wielded the launcher and fired upon the Tyrant, blasting it to pieces.


Rubber Tyrant (T-091)
The T-091 was an experimental prototype developed using the T+G viral strain, a mutagen created by fusing the T-virus, T-antibodies and the G-virus. Though the finished product was capable of combat, the results of the experimentation proved disappointing. The T+G virus failed to produce a bio-electrical current, as was expected of it. The creature's heart also protruded from its back, making it vulnerable from behind. Unlike other Tyrants, the T-091 had no claws; its arms split off into several long tentacles that could whip or strangle enemies, even impale them. The T-091 appears in Resident Evil: Dead Aim as one of the many B.O.W.'s controlled by former Umbrella scientist turned terrorist, Morpheus D. Duvall. It was killed by US STRATCOM agent Bruce McGivern.

Hypnos T-TypeEdit

See Hypnos T-Type

Mass-Production ModelsEdit

Tyrants that have been officially deployed by Umbrella and that have been created to factory standards. They are not all identical, however, as some have been modified with Umbrella's sanction.


Tyrant T-103 1
The most common model of Tyrant produced by Umbrella. It appears mostly human, though it has blank eyes and completely hairless gray skin. Any other obvious mutations are obscured by the protective coats they wear. Though they would be strong enough without them, the Tyrants' coats are equipped with power limiters to stop the creatures from mutating spontaneously and going beserk. The T-103's can be programmed to carry out specific orders, though the manner in which they execute these orders is variable and they may take ill-advised actions to ensure their mission's success.

During the Raccoon City Disaster, Umbrella deployed several T-103's in Raccoon City to eliminate a squad of U.S. Special Forces troops. Another had been dropped into the Raccoon Police Department to locate a sample of the G-virus, a volatile mutagen created by wayward Umbrella scientist, William Birkin. This Tyrant fought against rookie cop Leon Kennedy and Organisation agent Ada Wong. It was thought to be defeated when the pair knocked it into a smelting pit in the underground Umbrella lab complex, but it survived the molten metal bath and, having lost its limiter coat, mutated into a Super Tyrant. It was finally destroyed when Leon blasted it with a rocket launcher.

T-103 REdit

"R" is the designation given by Umbrella to Tyrants that mutate into their Super forms. With most T-103's, after
Re2 super tyrant
the loss of its power limiter, the creature's muscle mass increases and creates bulging, rock-hard black tissue all over the chest, arms and back. The hands expand and split into a series of long, sharp talons for ripping enemies to shreds; the claws can even tear through metal. Small firearms become useless against Super Tyrants and only heavy artillery and explosives are sufficient to kill them. Umbrella have also developed special gas grenades designed specifically to eliminate out-of-control B.O.W.'s.

Nemesis T-TypeEdit

The Nemesis is Umbrella's ultimate Tyrant and the most successful bio-weapon they have ever created. It was produced by introducing a genetically-engineered parasite to a T-103, enhancing the creature's strength and its intelligence.

For more details, see Nemesis T-Type.


"078" is the batch number of a T-103 that was stored on Rockfort Island, one of Umbrella's distant off-shore facilities. This unit differs from other T-103's in that it has no limiter coat since Umbrella wished to test the effects of a Tyrant without any such device. Its hands had fused into fingerless fists with blunt claws, though it was capable of extending its claws when dealing with difficult targets.

In Resident Evil - Code: Veronica, Alfred Ashford - the insane director of the Rockfort Island base - released the T-078 to prevent escaping prisoner Claire Redfield from getting off the island before the base self-destructed. Using a grenade launcher, Claire was able to blast her way past the Tyrant when it blocked her path to the island's airport. The creature would not die so easily and followed Claire to the escape plane, boarding it as it took off. Claire fought the creature again inside the plane's cargo hold and managed to send it plummeting out of the open cargo door by using a cargo catapult to slam a heavy crate into it. The crate was filled with explosives and when it knocked the T-078 out of the plane, it detonated as it fell, blowing the Tyrant to pieces long before it hit the ocean.


In Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the Ivans were a pair of modified T-103's that served as bodyguards
for Sergei Vladimir, the director of Umbrella's security and paramilitary forces. They were distinguishable from other T-103's by their dark skin and white limiter coats; they also wore a pair of goggles each, one blue and one orange. During the T-virus outbreak in the Arklay Mountains, the Ivans accompanied Sergei to the Umbrella Management Training Facility and one of them fought against Albert Wesker. Wesker managed to escape with his life and the Ivan was ordered to follow Sergei to the Spencer Mansion, where they would recover the body of a T-011, a Tyrant model that would later be used in Umbrella's T-A.L.O.S. project.

Five years after the Mansion Incident, Umbrella's last remaining B.O.W. facility in Caucasus was attacked by both anti-bioterror forces and Albert Wesker, who had betrayed Umbrella years ago and sought to steal all of their research data. Sergei Vladimir dispatched the Ivan twins to dispose of Wesker, but Wesker had long since gained incredible powers thanks to a special virus developed by William Birkin. Wesker fought against the two Tyrants singlehandedly and killed them both.

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