Tuatha de Galenos is a member of Cronos' ruling council of Zoalords in Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour. He is the largest of them in human form, and has a cracked-looking and (apparently) rock-like body. So far he has only rarely appeared, never speaking, thus not much is known about him.

The name Galenos appears to have no obvious connotations: the only famous historical Galenus was a doctor of medicine. Tuatha dé, on the other hand, is an Irish term which translates as "people of the god (insert name)", as in "Tuatha dé Danann"- the people of the goddess Danu.

History Edit

Galenos has so far only appeared during council meetings within the Chamber of the Celestial Sphere and during the assault on the Relic at Mount Minakami where he was seen spewing fire.

Personality Edit

No information currently available.

Abilities Edit

Little is known about Galenos' powers. As a Zoalord, he is able to control Zoanoids telepathically and he was shown breathing fire during the attack on the Relic. His battle form has yet to be displayed.

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