Trolls are hostile entities which feature in Lionhead Studios' Fable series of video games.

Description Edit

Born of the soil of Albion itself, Trolls are one of the earliest land-dwelling species. They come in several different types, although all share the same general characteristics; enormous, hulking monstrosities formed of the very surroundings from which they emerge; for example, a Forest Troll's back will be covered in thick vegetation, an Ice Troll will have have a glacial carapace, etc.

Although the dominant form of life in years gone by, in the modern day, Trolls have been almost completely annihilated by humans, and the appearance of one is a rare occurrence indeed.

The known varieties of Troll are: Forest, Rock, Swamp, Ice and Platinum (Platinum Trolls are sadly extinct). 

Behaviour Edit

For the most part, these entities keep to themselves. A Troll will remain hidden underground, seeming to be nothing more than part of it's habitat, until a player comes close enough to make it feel threatened. When this happens, the beast will heave itself out of the earth and attack, leaving an enormous crater in the place it's body once rested. It will then continue its assault until either it is defeated, the player runs off, or the player is knocked out.

Attacks Edit

Trolls exhibit a variety of attacks, including:

  • Throwing Boulders: The Troll will lob an enormous boulder at its opponent, not only causing damage but knocking him from his feet.
  • Boulder Barrage: It is capable of throwing a trio of boulders at an enemy in quick succession; while not as powerful as a single boulder throw, this attack is much harder to avoid.
  • Stomp: Sometimes a Troll will drive one of it's colossal feet into the ground, causing a localised earthquake and knocking the player to the ground.
  • Swipe: If it's opponent gets too close, a Troll will simply whack it with a powerful swing of it's fist.

Weaknesses Edit

Trolls are exceptionally tough individuals, but they are not without their weaknesses:

  • Vulnerable Nerve Endings: As Trolls are connected to the land itself, when one hauls itself from the ground it will leave it's nerve endings exposed. These nerve endings are the creature's major weak spot, and attacking these locations repeatedly will eventually kill it, a process which can be accelerated by the use of certain weapon augmentations such as Piercing or Sharpened.
  • Glass Jaw: Ranged attacks to the head, and particularly eyes, of a Troll are also a good way to help bring about its demise.  

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