Tripod necro

The Tripod is a large variety of Necromorph encountered by Isaac Clarke during the events of Dead Space 2. These creatures are composed of multiple human corpses cobbled together into a three-legged beast. Tripods are ferociously violent even by Necromorph standards, relentlessly pursuing prey and destroying everything that stands in their way. There are two types of Tripod, a male variant and a female.

Male Edit

Males are the more common type of Tripod Isaac encounters on the Sprawl. It is a massive Necromorph, comparable in size to a Brute, formed from numerous hosts. It attacks by swinging its arm in a wide arc, slamming its fist into the ground, flailing around its bladed tongue, or by pouncing on its victim from a distance. Its only weak points are three yellow pustules (one on each arm, and one on the tongue). After both arms are dismembered, it will finally die. However, after losing one arm it will use its bladed tongue to attack. Destroying this will kill it, but occasionally it may continue to attack. The areas they are encountered in are almost invariably very large, open and usually circular.

Female Edit

Only one female Tripod is encountered in Dead Space 2. While also formed from multiple corpses, the primary host appears to be a human female. Most disturbingly, an infant's body and limbs are seen growing out of the Tripod's tentacle.

A female Tripod is encountered by Isaac in the Church of Unitology. The Tripod first pounces on Isaac from above, knocking him to the ground. It then grabs and drags him across the floor, attempting to hit him with its bladed tongue but Isaac dodges it. The tongue acts similarly to a Drag Tentacle, except with a yellow sac made from an infant as a weak point. Once Isaac shoots the sac enough times, it will explode, rendering the bladed tongue no longer effective, and the female Tripod will release him and retreat.

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