The Tribes of the Moon were a collection of strange creatures from before recorded history, who at one point coexisted peacefully alongside humans.

Description Edit

The survivors of the Tribes of the Moon display far too many different characteristics to list in one place, but most exhibit a marked difference from human physiology, with several displaying outright supernatural abilities.

Another point of note is that not all of the creatures who fall under the term Tribes of the Moon are non-human in origin. Some are simply disfigured or mutated humans, whilst others are the product of human experimentation. All, however, have received Baphomet's blessing.

History Edit

Although the Tribes of the Moon once lived in harmony with humanity (or the Tribes of the Sun as they were then known), as time went by, humankind became more aggressive and expansionist. The Tribes of the Sun singled out and destroyed the Tribes of the Moon one by one, with only a handful of survivors managing to desperately escape the slaughter.

Eventually, the demon/god Baphomet made his existence known, and called what was left of the Tribes to him at Midian. There, the survivors could live in peace, at least for a time.

It should be noted that while the Tribes of the Moon were largely peaceful, there exist several species whose physical traits would make them particularly suitable for warfare.

Notable Individuals Edit


From left to right: An unknown 'Breed, Shuna Sassi, Otis & Clay, Peloquin, Lylesburg, Rachel, Ohnaka and Chocolat.

Others Edit


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