Tribbles are un-intelligent animal life-forms from the Star Trek universe. These peculiar creatures appear to be little more than balls of fur with no visible sensory organs or orifices, but they are docile and have often been sought after as pets by various sentients, including some humans. They are well known for excessively reproducing.

Characteristics Edit

The tribbles originate from the planet Iota Geminorum IV. They are herbivores and feed primarily on grain, but they are voracious and seem to do little else other than eat and reproduce. Tribbles are asexual and are born pregnant, producing a litter of ten in a twelve-hour period. Even a single tribble can be a potential ecological disaster as they eat and reproduce so rapidly that they can cause food shortages in planetary habitats and aboard starships.

The danger that tribbles represent has often been underestimated due to their cute and docile nature. The creatures have often been sought after as pets by various sentients and they like being handled by humanoids. The purring sound they make when petted has a tranquilizing effect on the humanoid nervous system. However, not all sentients have such a positive reaction to tribbles. The Klingons despise tribbles as they have previously suffered tribble infestations on some of their worlds and vessels. Deeming the tribbles as an enemy of the Klingon Empire, the Klingons attacked Iota Geminorum IV in the late 23rd century and bombarded the planet from orbit, completely annihilating it and wiping out the tribbles and all other life-forms.

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