Torture Barge

Torture Barges - also called Beast Barges - are huge subterranean beasts of burden from the Gears of War seriesThe true name of the species is unknown; they are so-called because the Locust Horde have reared the creatures into living transports.

Biology Edit

Little is known about the biology of the creatures known as Torture Barges. They are denizens of the Hollow and are capable of scaling the jagged, uneven stalactites of Sera's underground with ease. They move around on four large pointed legs and have a series of horns/tusks adorning their heads. The Locust use these creatures as living transports, building carriages upon the beasts' bodies which they use as mobile prisons.

History Edit

Torture Barges were encountered by the COG during Operation: Hollow Storm. During the campaign, many COG soldiers and Stranded were captured by the Locust and imprisoned aboard these beastly rigs where they were subjected to brutal forms of torture, leaving most of them so psychologically damaged that they became catatonic. Others would manage to break free just long enough to commit suicide so that the Locust could torture them no longer.

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