The Immortals


Titans are the divine children of Gaia (Earth) and Ouranos (Heaven) in Greco-Roman mythology. They were the first pantheon of gods and goddesses. The original Titans were ruled by their youngest sibling, Kronos. The reign of the Titans was ended when Kronos' children, the Olympians, rebelled, overpowered him, and took his throne.

Notable TitansEdit

Kronos, King of the Titans and Lord of Time

Rhea, Queen of the Titans

Oceanus, God of the Great Ocean

Hyperion, God of Light and Lord of the East

Prometheus, God of Forethought

Tethys, Goddess of the Sea

Iapetus, God of Mortality

Coeus, God of Intelligence

Theia, Goddess of Sight

Phoebe, Goddess of the Moon

Atlas, God of Stamina

Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory

Crius, God of the Stars

Themis, Goddess of Justice and Order


The Titans are immortals of great strength and stamina. They possess a wide array of divine powers:

  • The power to fly
  • The ability to move at great speeds
  • Power over natural and magical forces

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