Dark gaia titan

The Titan is a giant humanoid Dark Gaia minion that appears in Sonic Unleashed. It occasionally appears as a sub-boss in night-time stages.

Appearance Edit

The Titans are five meter tall cyclops-like giants with oxford and cyan skin, and have magenta highlights all around their facial and neck area. Their bodies are bulky with large forearms and feet, a broad chest, a thin tail, and a head with two horns and a magenta-colored eye that seemingly float on their neck. They possess curved spikes on their knees, wrists, chest, and back, and has a motif around their neck and shoulders that resembles Dark Gaia's mouth. Additionally, they are often surrounded in a purple smoky aura.

Behaviour Edit

Titans are vicious creatures that wish only to destroy everything around them. Brandishing giant clubs carved out of trees, they brutally attack anyone regardless if they are friend or foe. They will swing their clubs wildly or slam them into the ground to produce shockwaves. They have great endurance and can take several punches from Sonic the Werehog without reacting.

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