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Doctor Who Matt Smith

The current Doctor(Matt Smith) and his companion Amy(Karen Gillan)

Doctor who and rose

the tenth Doctor(David Tennant) and his companion Rose(Billie Piper)

Time Lords are a fictional race from the british TV show Doctor Who. After the great Time War, all the Time Lords died except two. They are generally considered as one of the most powerful races of all time. Time Lords live on the planet Gallifrey. Time Lords have the same appearance as humans, or more accurately, humans look like Time Lords because Time Lords came first. The only physical difference is that they have two hearts, a 60 degree fahrenheit core temperature and a much larger brain. They travel through time in space in machines called a TARDIS that's bigger on the inside. TARDIS stands for "Time And Relative Dimension In Space". When they are about to die they have a trick that saves them. They regenarate, and their personality, appearance and style changes. The only thing they keep is their memories and usually they follow the ethics they followed before. The two surviving Time Lords are the Doctor and the Master. The whole series is based on the Doctor and his travels and in several episodes he has to fight the Master, who isn't as nice. The Doctor almost always has companions (always girls but sometimes boys tag along) who help him through all the battles he has to fight to save earth and other planets from alien threats. The Doctor regenarates many times throughout the series and there has all together been eleven Doctors. The Doctor is male.

The Tardis, the Doctor's time machine. In the inside it's as big as a mansion.

Time lords are superhumanly intellegent, fast (the Doctor does an AWFUL lot of running and doesn't even break a sweat), and strong to some degree (has been able to karate chop a brick with ease). They have photographic memory and have a near-infinite knowledge of the universe. Their civilization is over 1 billion years old. Time Lords possess a special "sense" which can allow them to sense temporal paradoxes/anomalies or whether a point in time is "fixed" or in "flux". This "time-sense" is one of the reasons why Time Lords are the only species with time-travel technologies, in that they don't mess up the time-line(doing so will blow a hole in the universe). Time Lords have special resistance to radiation as the Doctor has been able to handle X-rays 50 times the normal standards use in hospitals without any negative effects.

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