The Thrall is a creature from Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.

Description Edit

Many amongst the Tribes of the Moon claim to have precognitive or visionary abilities, but only the genderless Thrall offers them as a commercial service. A connoisseur of mind-altering substances from across the globe, the Thrall has both pushed and sampled nearly every drug known to man, and a few others that are not. 

The Thrall contends that, in the correct dosages, these substances are harmless, and perhaps even beneficial. The only fact to put a lie to this claim is a story that the Thrall tells itself; once, it was male. Long ago in Beirut, the Thrall mixed an unusual cocktail of Oriental drugs in an effort to find the perfect high. This concoction took the Thrall on a voyage of discovery, for so far and so long that when it returned, it's body had forgotten whether it was male or female, and become a sexless entity. This creature now dwells in Midian with the Nightbreed, forever attempting to recreate the unique combination that gave it its gift, while providing any and all with an easy way to forget their precarious existence.     

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