Thorian Creeper

Thorian Creepers are zombie-esque humanoid creatures that appear in the video game Mass Effect. These monstrous beings are produced by the Thorian and controlled via telepathy. The Thorian uses Creepers as "attack dogs" of a sort, sending them to seek out and kill anyone that dares to threaten the Thorian.

Biology Edit

Thorian Creepers are humanoid creatures with a corpse-like appearance. They have sickly grey skin and their eye sockets are empty, save for a dark, blood-like fluid oozing out of them. While the Creepers may look like zombified humans, the Thorian itself is a plant and the Creepers themselves likely fit into the same category.

Behaviour Edit

On Feros, in its lair beneath the Zhu's Hope colony, the Thorian uses the Creepers to protect itself, commanding them to attack anyone that violates the sanctity of its lair. When no enemy is nearby, Creepers squat hunched over and motionless until they are approached. When "activated", Creepers attack prey by swiping with their clawed hands and by vomiting toxic acid. They do not possess any armour nor are they capable of thinking strategically, but they are surprisingly robust despite their corpse-like appearance. They can be eliminated quickly by using special gas grenades that destroy Thorian spores or by destroying the neural nodes of the Thorian itself. If a neural node is destroyed, every Thorian Creeper in its proximity will die.

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