Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. He is the son of Odin and The Prince of Asgard. He is known for his great acts of heroism both in Asgard and on Earth.


Tor is undoubtedly one of the most powerful of the Norse gods as well trolls and giants' greatest fear.

Divine strength: Thor is the strongest of the Norse gods. He unwound one time the monstrous Midgard serpent that is so large that it can wrapped around the earth several times and lifted it with one hand. He has also managed to wrestle against old age itself on almost equal terms

Tremendous durability: Thor's body is extremely tough and durable to blunt trauma and have been hit by a honing stone as big as a mountain that the strongest of all the giants thrown at him in the head and survived with nothing more than a scar on his forehead.

Huge consumption: Tor has an incredible appetite during an undercover at a party in a giant clan he devoured an ox, eight salmon, a barrel of mead and all the pastries were served at the table. on another occasion he succeeded with three sips drink up almost half of the world ocean.

Weather Manipulation - Tor has enormous power over the weather and can create destructive lighting strikes, intense gusts of wind and rain storms.

Magic: Tor is reasonably skilled in magic and has been able to resurrect the dead, even if he only demonstrated this capacity on its two goats pulling his wagon.

Hand to hand combat: Thor is an extremely masterly wrestler and one of the best fighters in Asgard possibly only second after his stepbrother Tyr.

Near-Immortality: Like all Norse gods Thor is not completely immune to old age, but age instead of an extremely slow pace and can not die of old age themselves. Although to stay forever young they eat the sacred apples of Idun.


Mjolnir: Thor's legendary near indestructible magic battle hammer. It always hits its target and will always return to his hand. the hammer always travel at such speed that it loads lightning around it and hit in such force that a single blow has potencial to crush mountain into gravel.

Mengingjord: Thor's magical belt of strength when he takes on his belt it doubles his already immense strength.

Iron Gloves: Tor has magically enhanced iron gloves as he sometimes uses when he wields Mjolnir.

Chariot: Thor common means of transportation is his chariot pulled by his two magical goats Tandglese and Tandgnissle that can run on air.

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