Them, or The Xhadows, is/are an Alien race so evil, that even the devil himself does not speak their real name. Them is just one of the many names for the creatures that exist in the MV-Mythos universe. They are not physical beings and are not based on matter.


Superhuman Strength: Are much stronger than any Human. They can shatter metal, snap handcuff links, overpower/kill Humans in may ways with ease, lift and throw heavy objects (motor cycles, pool tables, and giant creatures) high in the air and across long distance, smash metal, weild large weapons, break the jaws of a Dragon, and demolish building complexes. Some can even shatter worlds.

Superhuman Durability: Are virtually invunerable to attack.

Superhuman Agility, Speed & Reflexes: A Xhadow can easily dodge bullets

Superhuman Balance:


Animal and Creature control

Biokenisis/Genetic Control or Reanimation

Psychic Vampiric tendencies


Dimmensional Barrier Control and Teleportation


Weather Control

Element Manipulation


Psionic "Avatars"

Colossal Fear Projection

Life and Matter Creation

Image Projection

Superhuman Mentality



Body-Part Reconnection and Control

Regeneration Factor

Psionic Energy beams

Life & Matter Transmutation

Molecular Dispersion


"Mental Bolts"

Cosmic-Level Energy & Matter Manipulation and Absorption

Energy Constructs

Psionic Force-Field Projection

Astral Projection

Time Travel

Master of Magic and Technology


and several other powers like phasing through walls.


It is near impossible to defeat them, though certain aspects in time can drive them away.

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