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The killer Hamster is a very rare creature that has been spotted several times in South Africa. The killer Hamster feeds mainly on the paws, hooves and fingers of other creatures, for example Cheetah's, Zebra's and if they find a dead elephant a family of killer hamsters will even feed on it. Killers hamsters do not live long at all, they normaly live up to 5 months beacause the creature is so small so it is hard to get meat so eventually most killer hampsters get eaten or starve to death. They are dangeorus to humans, and a swarm of 20 can deplete the flesh from a corpse in minutes. It is best to run when you see one of these creatures, because, despite their size, they are fast and can jump incredible distances for a creature so small.

Killer hamster by palmovish

The Killer Hampster

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