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I realize that this monster cannot be found anywhere else and should probably belong on the fan-made monsters page; but it did not seem to work or fit in and so I instead made a whole new page dedicated to "The Unknown", Which is a book I have started writing in which each chapter is a different person's personal account of an encounter with the Unknown. It started as a simple school project and branched outwards to become this.


It is a mostly invisible monster that can flip you inside-out, tear you limb from limb,

The unknown 1

What remains of one of the Unknown's victims.

throw you against walls and keep you alive for most of it. None know what it is and none ever shall... It is merely THE UNKNOWN! The strangest thing about this monster is that if you come into physical contact with its last vicitm, it then targets you as its next one and it will find something more gruesome to do to you than what was done to the last victim. It is the most frightening thing that could possibly exist and as a result, THERE IS MORE TO FEAR THAN FEAR ITSELF!

It might have claws....



Abilities Edit

Super speed and/or invisibility.

Super strength.

Ability to increase suffering by keeping alive those who should be dead.



Perhaps coincedentally, perhaps not, every victim is in one way or another related to a police officer named Jack.

Possibility for a movieEdit

Not necessraily ever going to happen... but here's a poster for if it would. *Note: Tagline should be THERE'S MORE TO FEAR THAN FEAR ITSELF
The Unknown poster

A movie poster for the Unknown if it were to ever have a movie.

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