The Rotten is a monster located in the Black Gulch in Dark Souls 2, sitting in puddles of burning darkness and statues that spit out poison in the area the Rotten resides in.

It is an abomination, made from corpses held together by magic, chains and, possibly, the soul of Gravelord Nito. As of Dark Souls lore the Rotten is made from essentially garbage, things that the locals of Majula have thrown away.

Abilities Edit

Unnatural Strength Edit

  • The Rotten uses a large chunk of metal as a cleaver to split intruders in twane. It also grabs up the player character, trying to grind up their bones into nothingness with it's bare hands.

Absorption Edit

  • Obtaining the cleaver and reading it's description indicates that the Rotten consumes anything that falls into Black Gulch from Majula, which means he may eat the player's corpse upon death.

Hex Casting Edit

  • The Rotten is a living hex catalyst, spewing forth mass quantities of the material hexes are made of, As well as imbuing the material into the blade.

Fire Resistance Edit

  • The Rotten appears to be completely immune to the molten puddles that surround it. It is also barely affected by weapons that deal fire damage and even pyromancies such as Forbidden Sun and Great Chaos Fireball.

Weaknesses Edit

Amputation Edit

  • If a player hits the Rotten's arms enough times they may detach completely, although if this occurs then one should be wary, as it enables the beast to regurgitate hex material at will.

Bushwhacking Edit

  • The Rotten is a very slow and cumbersome creature, so strikes from the rear are normally less risky than a frontal assault.

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