The Empty Child from Doctor Who

This monster is from the british TV show Doctor Who. The Empty Child was normal child from the blitz in WW2 until a Chula (type of alien ) Space-Ambulance crashed into earth and hit and nearly killed him. The Ambulance however was full of nanogenes (Minuscule robot healers that are used by the Chula). the nanogenes tried to heal him but having never seen a human before only succeded into turning him into a sort of warrior. The child had a gas mask, a scar on the back of his hand and internal injuries. The nanogenes then followed him and whoever he touched then became like him and had the same injuries and gas mask. This happened because the nanogenes then thought that all humans were like that so they started "healing" them. The catch phrase is "Are you my mummy?" because when he was "healed" he was looking for his mother and the nanogenes thought that was what humans say so all the "healed" could only say that. Eventually the Doctor found the child's mother and when they touched the nanogenes recognised the DNA and fixed all the "healed".

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