The Clutchbone

The Clutchbone is a supernatural creature existing in multicultural legends and is known by many names such as slenderman and Fear Duhn.

Apperance Edit

Chiefly notable about this creature is the abnormal head. It consists of an old oil lamp sculpted from bones atop a large toothless mouth. It's body is skeletal nature with it's chest and abdomen being yellowish bony plates; its arms are long and, from elbow down, large, deathly sharp bone-blades.

The Legend Edit

The Clutchbone stalks British woodlands and terrorises small towns and villages. It has a penchant for kidnapping young or adolescent children and taking them to its lair under black oaks within forests or copses to be killed or taken prisoner. It is recognisable on approach by the burning lantern acting as it's "eyes". It's voice has been described as a low, mournful yet sinister whistle. Similar creatures have been depicted in cave paintings (see right, below) which have appeared in ancient civilisation worldwide.

Ancient Germanic cave drawing

Characteristics and Powers Edit

  • Teleportation- The Clutchbone uses this to stalk and fear its prey effectively
  • Night Vision- As this is creature is a nocturnal entity and prefers to avoid light, it has been given the necessary tools to hunt in the dark
  • Stealth- A preternatural silence accompanies the creature wherever it treads only being broken by its whistling orations
  • Clairvoyance/"Sight"- Being a supernatural being it retains a connection to the spirit worlds and can see angels, demons, spirit gates and a whole other manner of ghostly entities

Slenderman Mythos Edit

Many connotations to the "slenderman" exist with this being. It has similar traits to the slenderman such as teleportation, clairvoyance and stealth. Also the occurrence of child kidnapping and ultimately death is true with both legends. Could they all be the same creature?

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