The Bloat is a boss in the Wrath of the Lamb add-on for The Binding of Isaac and the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth remake. He is the posthumous version of the boss Peep. Unlike Peep, he starts with his eyes removed, as well as being fatter and having a trail of blood spilling from his empty eye sockets.


Most of the Bloat's abilities are reskins of Peep's own. The one exception is the Blood Beam attack. All names are given based on what the Bloat does and not from any actual canon.

  • Blood Beam - The Bloat will fire two blood beams from both his eye sockets. The Bloat will only do this if Isaac is standing directly in front or to the sides of him. There is no reaction time or clear indication when he uses this attack.
  • Blood Spray - A spray attack that sends globs of blood flying out in a radial burst pattern.
  • Blood Puddle - Spawns a puddle of blood that damages Isaac if he stand in it. This goes away after 5–6 seconds.
  • Launch - A launcher that brings him crashing down on the location he last saw Isaac standing in. Much like the previous ability, a puddle of blood is created where he lands.



This variant launches 3 IPECAC bombs randomly instead of blood shots upon landing from a launch attack. It also spawns 2 Chargers when spawning a blood puddle. This variant has a little less health, but still fires the blood beams from its eyes.