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Legend originated in Ireland, a popular tale in modern times

-Ban  sídhe Irish for Woman of the fairy mounds, pronounced


About the Banshee

The Banshee is a strange creature, a faerie of sorts. Most commonly depicted as a ravaged, skeletal like form in a hooded cloak, whom announces one's death with her unearthly wail, during or even before the fact. 

The Banshee is depicted usually in a similar manner to Death, or the Grim Reaper. Though, rather than a threatening stance with weapon in hand, she appears to be mourning a terrible loss. This depiction most likely comes from famine times. Mid 18th century Ireland suffered from a famine, of which wiped out over half of its population. A woman's scream mourning the death of a loved one was not all that uncommon to hear in those times.

The legend of the Banshee, however, lives on. More modern depictions of the Banshee are of a young and beautiful girl, able to change her form, and without a doubt a creature with sinister intentions. Stories of the Banshee's scream echoing through the hills, followed by the death of a companion or loved one, are frequently told in rural areas.

No matter the situation, if you hear what you suspect may be a Banshee's scream, I suggest to never approach the direction of it, as faeries are well known for their evil deeds in Irish folklore.

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